Advantages of Eating Chicken



Many people think that eating chicken is not good for the body because of the unwanted fats and cholesterol it may contain. Only a few of us knows that eating chicken also has its benefits and these benefits were proven by scientific researches.

Chicken meat is rich in vitamins and mineral which is important to our body. It is safer and cleaner to eat than pork or any other meat. Scientific studies have proven the benefits humans can get from eating chicken. Chicken meat is considered to be the best source of minerals like phosphorus which helps our bones become stronger and help increase enzyme production in our body. Furthermore, vitamin B6 is present in chicken meat. Vitamin B6 is a B-complex vitamin which helps boost energy inside our body.

Selenium is another mineral found in chicken meat. It helps strengthen our immune system, regulate hormone metabolism and serve as an anti-oxidant that will serve as our defense against certain diseases. Niacin is a vitamin also found in chicken meat. This vitamin helps are know to help fight cancer cells. Good news to those people who are overweight and in a diet program, it has proven that chicken meat is one of the best foods you should take when you want to lose weight.

Some healthy chicken recipes you can serve for your family are grilled chicken and chicken breast with mozzarella cheese. Grilled chicken is one of the best ways to cook chicken because the taste of the chicken is preserved and it contains less cholesterol. For special occasions you can cook chicken breast with mozzarella cheese. The best part of the chicken that you should choose is the breast part because it has low fat and has the highest concentration of niacin.

Eat a healthy and balanced meal by consuming chicken meat. This can help you stay fit and can ward off certain diseases that results from taking in too much fat.

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Source by Thomas Glickman