Best Snacks For Dieters To Have Late At Nite

Do you need to know what the best snacks for dieters are? I’m sure this has happen to you before it’s ate at night and you can not sleep simply because you are starving and nothing you do can change that. You have done everything possible to try and avoid the late night snacking. Now let’s see what you have done to avoid late nite snacking. You’ve probably brushed your teeth because studies have shown that one reason for late nite snacking is because we did not brush our teeth right after having dinner.

What happens is food is left on your tongue which only triggers your taste buds and those taste buds tell your brain that you are hungry. Now brushing your teeth didn’t work so now you try drinking a glass of water and now you still hungry. So what is your next option you make a late nite run to Taco Bell or McDonalds. Or you will possibly grab some chips out of the pantry to eat. We all know we have done this. We will do anything to satisfy are hunger.

Because we know if we don’t then we aren’t going to get any rest that nite. Now the guilt sets in because you have just ruin a entire week worth have hard work. You begin to wonder what are the best snacks for dieters no matter what time of day it is? Are there any best snacks for dieters besides that rabbit food? It really seems that salad is the only food that is safe to eat late at nite.

Well actually this is not true at all. There are healthy and tasty options that are the best snacks for dieters. These foods will give you the fuel that you will need and hey will strip the fat as well without going off of your diet. The first best snacks for dieters is fruits and veggies- I am sure you have already thought of this as one of the alternatives to having salad. These are great and you do not need to eat them bland at all. You can add different flavors for different options.

Try adding some pepper and salt to your carrots and baking them. Or you could make a fruit salad to eat. Just try to be creative you can have fun with your food. My second best snacks for dieters is nuts, almonds, etc. If you don’t like almonds how about walnuts, cashews , peanuts, etc. These are all great just don’t have any salted nuts.

And this goes without saying almond joys they don’t count either. You can eat nuts by themselves or baked with your favorite type of spice or you could even have them in a omelet. The third best snacks for dieters is smoothies. Smoothies they are the ultimate snack really. You can have a smoothie morning, noon or night. You can even have a smoothies as a meal.

Especially if you only have a small lunch break a smoothie is great. You really can add anything to a smoothie, but do it at your own risk. If you would like to mix veggies with fruit good luck. But the main staple that you should have in a smoothies is protein powder, fruit, juice, low fat milk and some yogurt. I hope that these best snacks for dieters options will help you some.

Source by Yolanda Pamer

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