Psytokine storm – covid-19

Many scientist are doing computer modellering about the spreading of the disease. Causing respiratory inflammations. High rate of spread with mortality around 3%. Corona expects to spread to 60% of the populations. US hospitals have ressources for 0,3 og the population. Article: What can we do?Maximizing immunsystem capacity. Beta-glucans: Assist Vagus Nerve with > fatty Read more about Psytokine storm – covid-19[…]

Covid-19 and fatty acids – Paul Clayton

Do you get this… “ All this is bad enough but there may be worse to come. A Taiwanese doctor reports that after infection and recovery a reinfection can readily occur, and may be more dangerous the second time round due to cytokine storming (5). In this state a hyper-reactive immune system creates such inflammatory Read more about Covid-19 and fatty acids – Paul Clayton[…]

Educate Yourself About Green Balanced Smoothies

You’ve had to hear about those delicious green embodiments of health!  Yes, we are talking about the perfect Green Smoothies. These are ideal for you at any age.  The antioxidant benefits green smoothies provide are well known–boosting your immune system and overall systemic health. Now, when you add our smoothie mix formula into the Balance, Read more about Educate Yourself About Green Balanced Smoothies[…]