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  • Psytokine storm – covid-19

    Psytokine storm – covid-19

    Many scientist are doing computer modellering about the spreading of the disease. Causing respiratory inflammations. High rate of spread with mortality around 3%. Corona expects to spread to 60% of the populations. US hospitals have ressources for 0,3 og the population. Article: What can we do?Maximizing immunsystem capacity. Beta-glucans: Assist Vagus Nerve with > fatty…

  • Covid-19 and fatty acids – Paul Clayton

    Do you get this… “ All this is bad enough but there may be worse to come. A Taiwanese doctor reports that after infection and recovery a reinfection can readily occur, and may be more dangerous the second time round due to cytokine storming (5). In this state a hyper-reactive immune system creates such inflammatory…

  • There are generally two possible consequences of a fake ID.

    Use my real information, or fake information for my fake ID If caught you could either get a ticket or end up in jail and honestly no one wants that, right? Well, obviously there is always a risk but there are a few things which you can keep in mind in order to avoid the…

  • Viagra pills

    Why not go with viagra from nature?  Botanical ingredients can provide the same effect without side effects. This ingredient contains molybdenum mineral antioxidant that Claims that molybdenum may help prevent anemia, dental cavities, and help in cases of sexual impotence. Check this product Side effects of Viagra include: stuffy nose, headaches, stomach pain, upset stomach, diarrhea,…

  • Partying – The Health Effects

    [ad_1] Christmas, New Year and countless birthdays throughout the year could mean two things. One, you have been enjoying partying in various locations and two, you are wondering where your extra weight has come from. Needless to say, there is a strong link to gaining weight from alcohol consumption. You may feel that your dancing…

  • One Trauma Surgeon's Struggle For Finding Balance

    [ad_1] Being a trauma surgeon is about remaining vulnerable but not breakable. If you stop feeling, you stop caring. If you allow your feelings to paralyze you, you are useless to all the patients that still need you. It is about compartmentalizing but not forgetting. [ad_2] Source link

  • 'Informed consent' states often give women considering abortions inaccurate information

    [ad_1] Women considering abortions are getting medically inaccurate information nearly a third of the time in states that require doctors to provide informed consent materials to their patients, according… [ad_2] Source link

  • Fish oil helps transform fat cells from storage to burning

    [ad_1] Fish oil helps transform fat cells from storage to burning Reblogged on [ad_2] Source

  • Educate Yourself About Green Balanced Smoothies

    You’ve had to hear about those delicious green embodiments of health!  Yes, we are talking about the perfect Green Smoothies. These are ideal for you at any age.  The antioxidant benefits green smoothies provide are well known–boosting your immune system and overall systemic health. Now, when you add our smoothie mix formula into the Balance,…

  • Achieve a Healthy Weight and Live a Fuller, Happier Life

    Do you want to achieve a healthy weight? Would you like to live a fuller, happier life? Most certainly you would, and you can. Follow on facebook: To get International articles on the fatty acid balance impact on human health.