Curing Rosacea – Omega-6, Friend Or Foe?


Fed up with the same old, boring tips for curing Rosacea? Want to discover something new, that you probably didn’t know before? Well you’re in luck. This short 2 minute article will explore an aspect of curing Rosacea that is very rarely discussed. So kick off your shoes, relax and read this article now. It could just change your life.

Curing Rosacea

When you have been looking for a way of curing Rosacea you will probably have heard about something called Omega fatty acids and maybe a little about the beneficial role that these fatty acids can play in controlling Rosacea. Unfortunately, a lot of the available information is confusing. You see, not all Omega fatty acids are good for Rosacea sufferers, in fact one type, Omega-6, can actually make the condition worse and trigger Rosacea flare ups.

Whilst it is true that Omega-6 could be beneficial to Rosacea sufferers by reducing inflammation and stimulating the blood vessels to constrict, the problem arises if your intake becomes out of balance with the amount of Omega-3 that you are consuming.

When this happens, or when we start taking doses above 500 milligrams a day, then Omega-6 starts to become pro-inflammatory. That is to say that it activates enzymes in the body which then start to produce inflammatory compounds which have a marked negative impact on Rosacea in the form of increased and more severe Rosacea flare ups.

There is no doubting that a certain amount of Omega-6 IS good for us, but there is enough in our normal daily diets without ever having to turn to supplements.

Some great natural sources of Omega-6 in combination with Omega-3 are all types of seeds and nuts, including Brazil nuts, walnuts, pistachios, sesame seeds, flax seeds and watermelon seeds. You can even get a balanced supply of Omega’s six and three but eating peanut butter or tahini.

Both the Mayo clinic and the American Heart Association have classified these Omega-6 foods as ‘Heart-Healthy’.

Another source of Omega-6, but perhaps not as ‘Heart-Healthy’ as nuts and seeds is processed meats. This may sound odd, but sausage links, salami, pepperoni, Polish sausage and liver sausage are particularly high in Omega-6. The same is true of hot dogs made from beef, turkey or pork.

So remember, that when you are looking for ways of curing Rosacea, Omega-6 can sometimes be helpful, but only when consumption is in balance with Omega-3. Too much Omega-6 and you will be inviting Rosacea flare ups and you will be taking a step back from curing Rosacea.


Source by Joanne Faulkner