Direct sales

We are working as a team with as independent partners with a direct sales company. Most people are spending money every day. We are provide information to people about alternative quality products that prove they work. We don’t have any marketing costs or costs for shopkeeping. We are proud to work with test-based nutritions because we can show that it works.


Everything is pyramid, but we don’t like scams. Our compensation  is not “placement orientated” but “revenue orientated”. You get payed after how much sales you create on your own position and you can also earn more than the person who is on the top of you. We are registered on Nasdaq and the DSA.

How can you get Balance products free?

By just putting forth an effort and spending time with interested clients, explaining how the product works and the difference it makes, can earn you great rewards.  If you gain 4 customers with the same auto-shipment as you, you can earn your products for free, forever.

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About the test

Your TEST results  will show whether your diet is balanced or unbalanced. This way you can change your diet if necessary. Provided you follow our three-step program below, we are certain you will achieve balance or near balance after 120 days:

1. Eat a diet rich in omega-3 and low in carbohydrates. Include fatty fish, fruits, salads, vegetables, nuts and in general organic foods, when possible. Reduce excessive omega-6 rich plant oils, and processed convenience foods that contain them. Remember, grain-fed meats also contains high amounts of omega-6.
2. Consume omega-3 rich Balance foods, as recommended.

3.  Exercise. Exercise is a crucial factor for good health.

Work With BAB

You can begin working with BAB with no upfront costs.  Promoting the available products and sparking interest is the first step in gaining a fast start as a sales partner.  The sales partner package is $679.00, and as a business partner: $1279 But You can start from $0
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