Fitness Center for Children


Everyone needs to exercise, including children but unfortunately, not everyone does. Children today prefer to sit in front of a television playing video games instead going outside to play ball, ride bikes, etc. A fitness center for children is designed to help younger people stay in shape by exercising. Many times these particular fitness centers will have activities and special fitness equipment that are geared towards children. This equipment may include a trampoline, floors that are covered in foam mats, and even active video games. The purpose of these centers is to help children stay fit and reduce their risk of developing childhood obesity.

According to the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), childhood obesity from 2007 to 2008 has increased 6.5% to 19.6% for children from the ages of six to eleven in the United States. In twelve months, childhood obesity has tripled. According to experts, it is recommended that children from the age of two should get at least thirty minutes every day of physical activity. This exercise can be enjoyable such as chasing and playing catch with the dog, playing in a playground, or anything that gets them up and moving. If your child is a couch potato who prefers video games, check out a fitness center for children.

In these centers, you may find exercise equipment that is designed for children but in many cases, there are organized activities that involve workshops and classes. A fitness center for children may have adopted parent participation classes. This will help the parents stay involved in the fitness education and fitness of their children.

Some of the special classes and activities that may be offered at a children’s fitness center can include:

• Martial arts classes like karate

• Rock wall climbing

• Strength training

• Yoga

• Dance

• Cheerleading

• Gymnastics

• Basketball

• Supervised weight lifting for older children

They may also offer classes on motivation and nutrition. They may also have an achievement system that rewards the children for attaining certain achievements. A children’s fitness center may also host a child’s birthday where supervised fun activities for the children attending the party.

The fitness center not only offers something for children but it also offers something for the parents. Some fitness centers may offer a parent’s night out once a month or even a fun night once a week. These events will usually average four hours giving the parents a chance to eat out, take in a movie, and more. During these times, the fitness center offers games and activities for fun but no set exercise programs. It is like a big party. Some of the activities may last an hour or two during regular hours so this also gives parents time to do things.


Source by Lora Davis