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Veterinarians across the world have declared that obesity is one of the most common issues seen in our pets. The Association of Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that 53% of cats are overweight with 19% being truly obese (Thorndyke). In England, estimates are that at least 50% of all pets are obese (Why diabetes among cats…). These tubby kitties are simply eating too much cat food! While it can sometimes be harder to tell that a cat is becoming a senior citizen, and at other times it appears to happen overnight, these seniors do have requirements that are different to an adult cat. In order to keep a senior cat healthy, it is important to know what the best dry cat food with good cat nutrition to feed it. healthy homemade cat food – It’s always important to provide a moist diet for all cat’s health, but it is particularly important for the senior cat. Creating an age appropriate healthy homemade cat food is sometimes the best natural cat food for these cats, as you can gauge the moisture level of the cat food, as well as the type of ingredients. Diets lower in carbohydrates always have a higher moisture content. The majority of cats live their lives on a dry commercial kibble. The problem with this is that dry cat food is basically grain cereal for kitties. It has a very high carbohydrate level of around 30% or so; whereas, cats need very little carbohydrates in their diet. Best dry cat food and even raw meals may prove too challenging for a senior cat. The best natural cat food is one that recognizes this likely issue. A healthy homemade cat food meal that can be minced or puréed can provide the cat with a pleasing texture that is easy to eat. The best natural cat food for a senior cat is one that is both tasty and smells aromatic. This often means a warmed meal, as warm food gives off more odors. A healthy homemade cat food that relies heavily on fresh ingredients is also likely to have a more pleasing aroma and including strong meat scents is one way to entice the older cat to eat its meals. Unfortunately, obesity robs a cat of valuable life. It puts a strain on the heart and lungs, makes mobility more difficult, stresses the joints, and tires the cat out. Additionally, there are increased health risks like diabetes that is more prevalent in older, fatter cats. The natural cat food recipes manage a cat’s weight by providing the necessary nutrients and energy needs without overdoing it. Homemade best dry cat food cannot be made in large batches. Best dry cat food is made in small amounts and stored in airtight containers to preserve freshness. But, the best part about it is that you can continually rotate the kibble you choose to make, thus providing your cat with a variety of ingredients and protein sources. To make other varieties of best dry cat food, you simply vary the grains used, the proteins, and even add in small amount of vegetables. As for the best cat food to help him maintain an ideal weight, try natural meals high in protein, high in moisture, and low in carbohydrates. One of the easiest ways to feed the best cat food is to create a homemade diet yourself. It is easy to make your own healthy homemade cat food, and best of all, you can control the overall nutrition and quality of the cat food. natural cat food recipes – A natural cat food recipes that focuses primarily on protein keeps a cat in better physical shape by allowing the cat to eat more naturally. Protein, instead of excess carbohydrates, is used for energy. This means that there aren’t any carbohydrates to turn into sugar and be stored as fat. Homemade meals made with natural cat food recipes are often the most appropriate choice for the best cat food for a senior cat. cat cookie recipes – Baking cookies for cat food is a fun and easy way to spoil your cat using healthy and tasty ingredients full of cat nutrition. Most cats enjoy an occasional extra morsel and with a few basic cat cookie recipes, turning out your next batch is just around the corner! Feeding your cat a delicious, homemade cat food is a way to show your cat you love him. Be forewarned! Most kitties don’t want to go back to store-bought treats when they’ve had a taste of these. And why buy treats when you have easy cat cookie recipes like these? Lets’ learn more cat cookie recipes to entice your kitty. Cat Cookies Recipes from Momma’s Gourmet Cat Meals by Frank-Temple -Brown 1 cup whole wheat flour 1 teaspoon catnip 1/3 cup milk 1/3 cup powdered milk 2 tablespoons butter or vegetable oil ¼ soy flour 1 egg 2 tablespoons wheat germ 1 tablespoon unsulfured molasses holistic cat food recipe – holistic cat food considers the cat as a whole system. The ingredients are whole and natural, nothing artificial or chemical is added, and they are geared towards the benefit of the cat nutrition. Homemade cooking of cat food is the perfect place for holistic cat food recipe. All one needs to start is a great holistic cat food recipe. A good holistic cat food recipe is balanced and full of cat nutrition but also steers clear of unnecessary additives, colorants, preservatives, etc. These are not naturally occurring or provide any health benefit for a cat. Any fine quality, whole foods, homemade cat food can be holistic in nature. 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