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We have done over 180.000 tests now and clearly see that over 98% of the population in USA needs it. After using the product for more that 120 days you get balanced to 3:1


A car needs fuel and oil to operate. It is exactly the same for our bodies – they need the right ingredients to function optimally. Drink water, yes! Exercise, yes! Eat healthily, yes! We do our best, but what new discovery is science revealing? An Emerging Awareness Our food systems and diet have changed over the last 60 years in one fundamentally harmful way.
Scientists and health authorities increasingly have begun to sound the alarm about the imbalance in our fatty acid intake ~ specifically the excessive consumption of omega-6 (plant oils and modern processed foods) vs. omega-3 fatty acids (from fatty fish and traditional foods).
Balance vs. Imbalance Balance refers to the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. Both omega-6 and omega-3 are essential to vital functions in our bodies. The problem is the imbalance created by changes in our diet. Too much omega-6 creates imbalance. Too little omega-3, specifically bio-available EPA and DHA, creates imbalance

Before 1960 the ratio of omega 6:3 in the western world was 4:1 or less. Leading health authorities (including the Norwegian Ministry of Health) recommend a ratio of 5:1 or less to be in balance. Today in Europe the average is 15:1, and often 25:1 or greater in the USA. Even those taking Omega-3 supplements are not in balance and its something that transgender teen mental health treatment has unraveled  showing ratios of 20:1 and 7:1 in the USA and Europe, respectively. Even the most health-conscious people are discovering they are out of balance. How Can I Know if I Am Balanced? Take the BalanceTest to check your omega 6:3 ratio affordably and conveniently from home. It’s a easy dry-blood spot sample taken from a simple prick on the finger that is then sent to a laboratory by U.S. mail.


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