How To Balance Good Health with Healthy Food



Over the past 20 years the art of cooking by women has sadly disappeared. Choosing instead to work long hours, getting too stressed to even bother to eat anything when they get home and if they do, here at Nutrition and Diet Planner are sure it will be a processed dinner, or some type of junk food.

If you have children, you are condemning them and yourself too a shorter lifespan. Most of you don’t even eat breakfast. Why not all sit down for breakfast together? The brain will be more alert and receptive to what it has to achieve during the day.

Are you obese or overweight? Stop! Reflect on your lifestyle. Discard the processed foods and transfat, throw away biscuits, cakes, crisps and other items that are sitting in the cupboards and incidentally are addictive. If they are not there to distract you, the more chance you have on realising that healthy food is nutrition for the body and will give you weight management.

As food is a requirement towards becoming a healthy individual, it is time to think about your daily diet and ask yourself serious questions such as:

Do you have a variety of foods that are nutritious and colourful?

Do you realise nutrition is of vital importance?

How do you get a Nutrition and Diet Planner?

Nutrition and Diet Planner will give you the guidelines of having a healthy diet every day. That does not mean you can’t have occasional treats, but keep them to once a week rather than every day.

If you are a junk food eater, has it ever crossed your mind why the gullet, which is the (oesophagus or throat) is always in turmoil? It maybe that all the grease and fat ingested, is too much to handle. Junk food is highly processed and full of fatty acids and preservatives.

Believe it or not the digestive system begins prior to you eating food and once you have finished it will remain busy for several hours afterwards. Saliva begins this process by breaking down the chemicals with the help of your tongue and teeth. A process known as DIGESTION, which allows the body to get nutrients and energy required, from the food that you eat.

Our main organs process what we eat and breathe. How is your body handling what you do? Pay attention to your skin. Have you got a rash? Acne? Bloating, Belly fat? Or cellulite? All symptoms of a problematic digestive system.

Eating healthily does not equal strict philosophies on nutrition. Here at Nutrition and Diet Planner we prefer to suggest using simple basic common sense.

Being unrealistically thin is not normal, neither is being obese, Like everything in life we need balance. Eating a healthy diet does not mean depriving yourself of foods that you love. But if you have been use to eating the wrong foods, then the pallet needs to be re-educated. Healthy foods are not addictive, but processed and trans fat are.

Eating a balanced, vitamin-rich diet helps you maintain a healthy weight by allowing your body to burn fat and build and tone muscles, which improves the way you look and feel. Taking pride in your appearance contributes to a positive sense of self, and being a healthy weight offers you more options in choosing clothing styles.

Eating a healthy diet will give you self discipline and a sense of accomplishment, having the occasional indulgences will not be harmful. To make wise food choices takes a certain amount of self discipline or will power. If you consider yourself to be lacking in will power,look no further than Nutrition and Diet Planner. You will learn how to do the will power workout. Everyone needs to have some kind of plan and once you have worked yours out and adhere to it. Well, goodness me, will you feel better about yourself.

What you want to achieve is feeling delightful down to your very soul, being constantly full of energy and as a consequence of this, maintaining good health throughout life.

We are all unique and do not come off an assembly line of being 6,8 or 10. Choose a healthy lifestyle and your body mass will achieve the weight it should be.

This is achievable by learning nutrition facts and using them in a way that actually work for you.

Carbohydrates – equals energy.

Protein – equals, body growth and repair

Fat equals, energy and help in building. Note: be aware of the good and bad fats. Do not totally discard fat from your diet.

Fibre insoluble and soluble, most people don’t eat enough. It is found in plants. Good sources are found in fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lentils and oats.

Minerals are the spark plugs of life, required to activate thousands of enzyme reactions within the body. More important than vitamins since plants manufacture vitamins but minerals must be obtained from the soil.

Vitamins also known as macro-nutrients are important to the body for survival. They keep you alive, by keeping your immune system in tip top condition.

In my opinion, if everything is kept simple it is easier to remember. Write it down initially, when planning a healthy diet in small manageable segments. Instead of a total change of life, that might blow your mind and put you off before you begin.

The change should be gradual and given total commitment, eating healthily will then happen sooner than you think.

Don’t waste time counting calories. spending hours reading food labels or measuring portions. Instead think of your diet in colour, variety and freshness.

When next in the supermarket concentrate on foods you love, or be adventurous and choose some you have never tasted before. If you don’t try how will you know whether you like them or not? Find easy recipes which incorporate fresh ingredients. f you prefer, take a look at the Nutrition and Diet Planner for various recipes cooked in one pot. The more you do, the quicker your diet will become, not only healthier but simply delicious.

No one says you have to be perfect and completely eliminate food you enjoy, but maybe at the beginning, particularly if favourites are chips, burgers, doughnuts or crisps, then understand they are a definitely out of bounds.

The long term goal is to feel great and have lots of energy, less risk of cancer and other diseases.


Get to understand Food Groups

Find out how your body gets vital nutrients from foods

Get your Nutrition and Diet Planner to help you design your healthy eating plan

Learn the correct portion size

Most of all enjoy your food

Request your Food, Calorie Fat Chart, you will be amazed at the difference between a McDonald’s, Burger King and a healthy alternative. An incentive for you to shed those pounds sooner rather than later. 

In conclusion it is worth mentioning how good you will feel both physically and mentally and therefore have a feel good factor of yourself, maybe for the first time in a long time. A healthy diet, which includes foods that are low in fat, cholesterol, sugar and salt, yet high in vitamins, minerals, fibre and fatty acids will reduce your risk of developing cancer, heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes (mainly those that are obese). You will be in control and have the ability to fight off infection more efficiently. What you eat influences your mood and ability to think clearly.



Source by Nutrition and Diet