Natural Healthy Hair Recipes



Having beautiful hair is every woman’s dream. In order to make this a reality, many different products are used for beautiful and healthy hair. In addition to these products, you can also use homemade recipes for the hair with items that are natural and from your own home. These natural recipes offer the benefit that you prepare them and you know the ingredients. In addition, they can also save you money.

The first of the many natural hair treatments and recipes is the hot oil treatment. For this, you need half a cup of sweet almond oil and olive oil and apricot kernel oil, one-fourth cup of each. You can mix these three oils. When you are done washing your hair, towel dry them and then heat a small amount of the oil mixture. This can be done in the microwave. After this you can apply the oil to your hair. You should take care to heat the oil only to the extent that will be comfortable for you for application. After you have applied the oil, you should comb through the hair and then wash the hair with a gentle shampoo after about twenty to twenty five minutes.

If you want beautiful hair, conditioner is something that is absolutely essential. You can make a deep conditioner for your hair at home. For this you will need a small jar of mayonnaise and half an avocado. You can put both the ingredients in a bowl and then squish them until you can see a minty green color. You can apply this mixture to the hair starting from the roots and moving down to the tips. After applying the mixture, you should wrap your head in a towel. You can wash you hair after twenty minutes.

Another homemade conditioner really effective for the hair is egg conditioner. For this, you should beat an egg yolk well and then add a teaspoon of baby oil and a cup of water to it. This should be applied to the scalp and hair and then rinsed well. It is always better to use these natural recipes fresh to gain maximum effect.


Source by Christina lynn