One Another Name for Folic Acid Is Good to Know – Three Names Are Good to Confuse!


Folic acid is known by various names. It is called vitamin b9 or folate or folacin. It is the form and context that give different names but substance is same. For the purpose of simplicity we will consider only two and say that another name for folic acid is folate.

Folate is a naturally available nutrition. Our body cannot synthesise on its own. It has to be taken from external sources only. Green leafy vegetables, ctrius fruits and pig liver are good sources for folate.

When folate is bio synthesised in our body it becomes folic acid. However only 60% of food folate is absorbed in our body when bio synthesis happens. Folate can also be synthesised externally by means of fermentation to get folic acid. So long as this is obtained by fermentation from external sources other than petroleum product it is natural. If petroleum products are used to ferment then it is synthetic and unsafe. Be careful. Now we know that another name for folic acid is folate.

Folate as such is inert. It has to be transformed into acid from food folate or directly we take folic acid from external sources. This is the reason for recommended dietary allowance RDA for folate given in the form of dietary folate equivalent (DFE). 1 DFE = 1 mcg of food folate = 0.6 mcg of folic acid. When you refer the RDA table you can see that the adults need 400 mcg daily and pregnant woman needs 600 mcg. How to control such a complicated mechanism when we take this nutrition.

I suggest you to take a fantastic natural nutrition supplement that offers balanced nutrition to your health. It has 400 mcg of folate and 25 mcg of vitamin b12 amongst other nutrition. I specially refer these two nutrition for a good reason and this supplement in particular. Many of the symptoms of folate deficiency are same like vitamin b12 deficiency. Neurological related symptom is one of them. If that symptom is caused by vitamin b12 deficiency the folate will mask. If folate is taken to cure the level of folate will over shoot in your body instead of healing the nerve. This is dangerous. If you are 50 years of age and have any such symptom you should first consult your physician before taking folate. If you take the supplement which I recommend you will not have such issues at all. You can prevent. Also this is the holistic way to get nutrition that will offer synergy.

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Source by Michael R