Quick and Easy Fish Recipes



If you are looking for the ultimate in convenience foods, which are high in nutrition and quick and easy to make there are a wide variety of mouth watering recipes available in cookery books or online to choose from.

Looking for recipes online is becoming the quickest and easiest way to find the latest dishes created by chefs from around the world. The world is quite literally your oyster when it comes to finding a recipe for cooking a particular type of fish. Be inspired and amaze your family and friends with a delicious fish dish for starters, dinner or supper with the help from the experts online. Follow step by step recipes by using a pod cast to make life even simpler. Cooking fish has never been so easy!


One of the most popular dinner party starters in the 1970s was to serve a prawn cocktail. TV programmes and sit-coms regularly included a prawn cocktail to start a meal, this was quickly adopted by people who wanted to be fashionable and trendy. This quick and easy starter has seen a huge revival in more recent years with the introduction of alternative variations from recipes around the world. Adding avocado and mango lifts this dish from the mundane into a whole new exciting eating experience- a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce and freshly squeezed lime brings the humble prawn cocktail right into the 21st century with real style. Buy frozen ready peeled prawns to make the process even faster.

Succulent tiger prawns combined with mango, caramelised apples with a pomegranate dressing is a simple yet stunning way to start a dinner with an exotic touch and taste.

For an even quicker starter, butterfly cut langoustines pan fried with garlic butter can be cooked and served in ten minutes. This dish is a great way to start a meal with a hot dish in both the summer and winter months.


In just over half an hour delicious fish and seafood dinners can be cooked and served. Turn an old favourite such as smoked haddock into a nutritious meal by serving on a bed of mashed sweet potato with a couple of tablespoons of chilled pesto sauce drizzled around the edges. Keep with the traditional accompaniment to smoked haddock by placing a poached egg on top. This quick and easy method of serving smoked haddock provides a nutritious meal packed full of protein which can be cooked in only half an hour. If you are not keen on smoked haddock this dish works equally as well with un-smoked haddock fillets.

Conjure up a quick and easy dinner by using Atlantic salmon with new baby potatoes and cherry tomatoes. This really is a very quick and easy recipe which even novice cooks can prepare. By following the step by step preparation and cooking methods a healthy dinner dish to amaze family and friends can be created in no time at all.

Buying fish which has been pre-prepared takes all the stress and hassle out of cooking with fish. Let the experts fillet and de-bone the fish all you have to do is choose which delicious fish recipes to use to make quick and easy dinners.


Source by Davidgiggs