Sunday Dinner Cooking – 10 Easy Tips To Cook Exciting Food



Sundays have always been special in many aspects. One of them are the Sunday Dinners at the church. Potluck on Sundays refers to one lucky person offering food for all at the local church. Ever since I have been attending these dinners I remember, most people offered fried chicken. Why only this option? Well, it is easily available at the neighboring food store. So easy, just walk in to the store pick out a few packs of fried chicken and walk in to the church.

As far as I can evaluate it happens due to lack of time, planning and ideas. But imagine, what if you cook scratch out a bit of time, prepare something simple yet special & elegant and offer it in the potluck! So many people would be impressed! Some would be jealous! And almost all would be surprised! So much appreciation and satisfaction that you offered something with so much love and little effort! Won’t you like to do the same?

Picking a fried chicken from a deli or a local restaurant might not be wrong, but, its surely repetitive, boring and certainly nothing special!

There are so many simple & easy recipes available through varied resources that you can go ahead with; for instance spicy taco casserole or the dessert items!

Here are a few ideas 7 resources for your next Sunday dinner:

1. Surf the internet.

Internet is surely a global resource to quench all your thirst related to whatever aspect it may be. Key in the right keywords and you can find several easy to cook dishes at one go. Kraft foods website offers some delicious desserts that are quite easy to cook.

2. Desserts are often a good choice for Sunday dinners.

Sweet delicacies can be made within no time just a night before. These can be frozen overnight and so can be easily carried over to serve. Such desserts that tickle the taste buds of almost all of us are easy tricks to make your coworkers envious of your culinary talent at the ‘pitch ins’ at work.

3. Check out the casserole recipes.

Casserole recipes are often quick, simple and delicious.

4. Try the crock pots & slow cookers.

There are several dishes that you can cook in the crock pots & slow cookers. Just fill it in with the ingredients, turn it on and sleep over. By the time you complete your health sleep, the food would be done giving out a yum aroma and you could make up to the church in a record time.

5. Read through the magazines.

Many magazines offer interesting cookery sections. Magazines offer very healthy eating options such as large salad, casserole, or a healthy dessert.

6. Opt some healthy foods.

It is not necessary to select fat filled or calorie filled dishes for the Sunday dinner.

7. Enjoy the cooking.

It is often said that the cook’s mood defines the taste of the food. So, cook the dishes that you enjoy. Do not opt for any long recipes that feel you are forced to work on. Instead of being helpful, it would become more tedious and the food would get the bad taste of the cook. Hence, do not make it a stressful activity for yourself.

8. Do not repeat the same dishes.

Try a new recipe every time rather than sticking to the same thing time and again. It can make even a good dish repetitive and boring, just like the fried chicken.

9. Prepare a bank of recipes.

I suggest you to collect some recipes over time so that the next time you have to make the Sunday dinner, you do not have to vigorously search for them.

10. Treat your potluck audiences as guinea pigs.

Though every individual puts in all their effort & love in the dishes they cook, sometimes the results are not that perfect. This could also save you and your family from getting stuck with leftovers for a week. And a rather happier option, if you like the food, you can put it into rotation of recipes at home.

Now, those with little or no culinary talents go out to surprise your family, friends, and fellow church members with the correct ‘simple to make’ recipes. Instead of getting on to fried chicken next time, cook up something awesome and get famous with your folks!


Source by Abhishek Agarwal