To Make your Dog Lives Longer by Homemade Dog Treat Recipe



Commercial dog food contains at least 6 deadly chemicals that have been banned from human foods because they cause: kidney cancer, bladder cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, spleen cancer, leukemia,liver dysfunction, major organ failure, immune system collapse, severe allergic reactions, birth defects, blindness, chronic diarrhea, hair loss and behavior problems, including increased aggressiveness – very dangerous if your dog is around children. You’ll want to do your research and make sure that your dog is not the next victim of tainted, poison commercial dog food.

Homemade dog treat recipe was developed by pet owners who became wary when it came to the off the shelf dog food debacle. At first only a few dog food brands were recalled. However he recall list grew to include well-known brands such as Alpo, America’s choice, Preferred Pet, Award, Big Bet, Big Red and countless more. Many experienced pet owners developed wholesome homemade dog treat recipes that varied in variety and consistency. A good dog food recipe is essential for proper health and nutrition as some “people food” can be harmful, even fatal to dogs. Hence, it is just as important to know what not to feed your dog. Dogs also have different nutritional requirements than people so pet owners need to educate themselves and find good dog food recipes that are appropriate for the dog.

Some of the reluctance to try cooking homemade dog food is the time that it takes. If you don’t like to cook even for yourself, it may be hard to motivate yourself to cook. However, if you do occasionally cook for yourself, you should try cooking for your dog. Why not try cooking one meal a week that lasts at least two days. You must decide to go about doing a small amount of research on how you could go about making your own homemade dog food, just to experiment and change your dogs diet. There are some homemade dog treat recipes which exclude the usage of harmful products which are infamous for mineral deficiencies. The guide not only contains healthy dog food recipes but also other aspects of keeping your dog healthy such as: dog biscuit recipes, doggie treats and dog meal recipes. You could literally save hundreds of dollars per year by finding proper homemade dog treat recipe.


Source by Imanuel S.